Marie Rose Moro
marie rose Moro
Psychiatre, Professeur des Universités
Directrice de la maison des adolescents de Solenn, Hôpital Cochin

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Marie Rose MORO, M. D., Ph. D.
 Degrees in philosophy, medicine, psychology, psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry, training in anthropology and psychoanalysis
 Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry – University of Paris, France
 Director of the Department of Adolescent Medicine and Psychopathology of Cochin Hospital, Maison de Solenn, Paris, France
 Consultant for Doctors Without Borders (MSF, Doctors without Borders) for mental health since 1988. I have worked in more than 30 humanitarian field stations. Currently I am responsible for research in the field of mental health for babies, children and adolescents in humanitarian situations at MSF.
 Researcher, INSERM (U 1178, French National Health and Medical Research Center) and University Research Center (PCPP)
 Past Director of the Department of Infant, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Avicenne Hospital, Bobigny, France. For 25 years, first at Avicenne Hospital in the Paris suburbs and then in the center of Paris, at Cochin Hospital, I have been developing transcultural clinics that attempt to adapt French mental health care settings, techniques, and research methods to immigrant families and their children. I am also developing a new multidisciplinary structure to provide care for adolescents (Teen Houses, Maison des adolescents).

  • Honors, Distinctions, Awards for research
    • Légion d’honneur in 2007 (by the Ministry of Health) “Chevalier”
    • Ordre du Mérite  “Chevalier” in 2004 and “Officier” in 2014 (by the President of the Republic)
  • Main research topics 
    • Transcultural situations: effects on babies, children, adolescents and families 
    • PTSD in babies, children and adolescents 
    • Early parent- interactions
    • Violent radicalization of adolescents
  • Main clinical topics 
    • Adolescents and babies
    • Language disorders, multilingualism
    • Anorexia and suicidal conduct in adolescents
    • Children and families at high social and cultural risks
  • More than 560 articles in French, Spanish, English and German language journals

Some recent original articles in English:  

  • El Ayoun Ibrahim N, Yajima-Dupuis L-C, Morichau-Beauchant, Gal B, Moro MR, Blanchet-Collet C. Acute metabolic acidosis in an adolescent with anorexia nervosa : a transdisciplinary approach. Journal of Nutritional Health & Food Science 2016; 4(3): 1-4. DOI:
  • Line C, Moro MR, Lefevre H, Thievenaz J and Lachal J. A Qualitative Exploration of the Work of Embodiment in Adolescent Girls with Obesity. Clinical obesity. 2016. DOI 10.1111/cob.12155.

  • Mamou G, Sider A, Bouscary D, Moro MR and Blanchet-Collet C. Anemia in anorexia nervosa : the best way to deal with it –an overview of littérature. Journal of Human Nutrition and Food Science 2016 ; 4(1) : 1081.
  • Blanchet-Collet C, Sider A, Gal B, Bouscary D, Hanachi-Guidoum M, Melchior JC, Bouscary D, Ringuenet D, de Tournemire R, Moro MR Anorexia nervosa hyperactivity-induced ischemic colitis (ANHIC) : a new cause of anaemia. Eating and Weight Disorders – Studies on Anorexia, Bulimia and Obesity 2016 DOI 10.1007/s40519-016-0295-3.
  • Marquer C, Grais RF, Moro MR. Maternal Perception of emotional difficulties of preschool children in a rural area of Niger (Maradi region), Transcultural Psychiatry 2016 ; 53 (3) :330-46. doi: 10.1177/1363461516645046.
  • De Almeida Mota Ramalho J, Lachal J, Sursis Nobre Ferro Bucher-Maluschke J, Moro MR, Revah-Levy A, A qualitative study of the role of food in family relationships: insight into the families of Brazilian obese adolescents using photo-elicitation. Appetite. 2016; 96: 539 -45. doi: 10.1016/j.appet.2015.10.023.
  • Bruno D, Balottin U, Berlincioni V, Moro MR. Bilinguism, language disorders and intercultural families in contemporary Italy. Culture, medicine and psychiatry 2016 ; 40 : 12-34. DOI 10.1007/s11013-015-9459-2
  • Marquer C, Barry C, Mouchenik Y, D M Djiba, ML Manzo AM Trujilla Maza, S Githaiga, G Casas, BW Kirubi, H Marichez, B Falissard, Moro MR. and R F Grais Screening for psychological difficulties in young children in crisis: complementary cross-cultural validation, International Health 2015. doi: 10.1093/inthealth/ihv006
  • Bruno D, Balottin U, Berlincioni V, Moro MR. Bilinguism, language disorders and intercultural families in contemporary Italy. Culture, medicine and psychiatry 2015. doi: 10.1007/s11013-015-9459-2.
  • Harf A, Skandrani S, Sibeoni J, Pontvert C, Revah Levy A, Moro MR. Cultural identity and internationally adopted children: qualitative approach to parental representations Plos One 2015. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0119635.
  • Leanza Y, Boivin I, Moro MR, Rousseau C, Brisset C, Rosenberg E & Hassan G. Integration of interpreters in mental health interventions with children and adolescents: the need for a framework. Transcultural Psychiatry 2015, Vol. 52(3): 353–375. doi: 10.1177/1363461514558137. 
  • Demarque M, Guzman G, Morrison E, Ahovi J, Moro MR et Blanchet-Collet C. Anorexia nervosa in a girl of chinese origin: psychological, somatic and transcultural factors. Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 2015 DOI:10.1177/1359104513514067. 20(2): 276-288.
  • Mouchenik Y, Feldman M, Moro MR. The Jewish children hidden in France during the Second World War. Trauma and mourning. A retrospective study. Journal of Loss and Trauma 2015; 20 (1): 85-93; doi: 10.180/15325024.2013.824309.
  • Huas C, Speranza M, Barry C, Hassler C, Moro MR, Falissard B, Revah-Levy A. Being or feeling the right weight: a study of their interaction with depression among adolescents Adolescent Psychiatry 2014; 4: 177-84. doi: 10.1186/1471-2458-11-649.
  • Moro MR. Parenthood in migration: how to face vulnerability. Culture, medicine and psychiatry 2014; 38: 13 - 27; DOI: 10.1007/s11013-014-9358-y.
  • Bossuroy M, Wallon P, Falissard B, Moro, MR. Cultural biases in the reproduction of the Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure, Journal of Cognition and culture, 2014; 14 (3-4).
  • Mouchenik Y, Marty-Chevreuil A, Marquer C, Joseph N E, Weber Ducasse J, Ryswick C, Dejean A, Georges R, Blanc J, Derivois D, Baubet T, Moro MR. Indicative evaluation of psychological disturbance amongst young children by the January 2010 Haiti earthquake, in Port-au-Prince. Vulnerable Children and Youth Studies, 2014. doi: 10.1080/17450128.2014.901589.

15 books in French (many translated into Italian, Spanish, and English) and more than 25 books edited.
Some examples:

  • Moro MR Avec nos ados. Osons être parents ! Paris : Bayard ; 2016.
  • Moro MR. La violence envers les enfants, approche transculturelle. Brussels (Belgium): Temps d’arrêt; 2015. Et en France Paris: Fabert en 2016.
  • Moro MR, Mestre C. Je t’écris de…Correspondance entre Marie Rose Moro et Claire Mestre (2010-2012). Grenoble: La Pensée Sauvage; 2013.
  • Moro MR, avec J et D Peiron, Les enfants de l’immigration. Une chance pour l’école. Paris, Bayard, 2012.
  • Moro MR Mille et une façons de bien s’occuper des bébés. Aider les parents et les bébés d’où qu’ils viennent. Paris: Fondation Mustela; 2011.
  • Moro MR Les ados expliqués à leurs parents. Paris: Bayard; 2010. New expanded edition in 2015. Currently being translated into Spanish and Italian.
  • Moro MR. Grandir en situation transculturelle. Des enfants qui appartiennent à plusieurs mondes. Brussels (Belgium) Temps d’arrêt ; 2010.
  • Moro MR. Nos enfants demain. Pour une société multiculturelle. Paris: O Jacob ; 2010. Published in Italian « I nostri bambini domani ». Milan: Franco Angeli ; 2011.
  • Moro MR. Aimer ses enfants ici et ailleurs. Histoires transculturelles. Paris: O Jacob; 2007. Published in Italian « Maternità e amore. Quello di cui hanno bisogno i bambini per crescere bene qui e altrove ». Milan: Saggi Frassinelli; 2008.
  • Moro MR. Enfants d’ici venus d’ailleurs. Naître et grandir en France. Paris: La Découverte; 2002. 2nd edition, 2004, Hachette. Published in Italian Bambini di qui venuti da altrove. Saggio di transcultura. Milan: Franco Angeli; 2005 (Italy). 2nd Italian edition in 2014. Published in Greek in 2013.
  • Moro MR., Lachal C Psychotherapies. Models, methods and indications. Prentice-Hall; 2010. 
  • Moro MR. Psychothérapie transculturelle des enfants de migrants. Paris: Dunod; 1998. 2nd, 3rd and 4th editions underh the tittle Psychothérapie transculturelle des enfants et des adolescents (2000, 2004 2011). Published in Italian Bambini immigrati in cerca di aito. I consultori di psicoterapia transculturale. Turino: Utet Libreria; 2001. 2nd edition in 2010.
  • Moro MR. Parents en exil. Psychopathologie et migrations. Paris: P.U.F; 1994. 2nd and 3rd edition in 2002. Published in Italian Genitori in esilio. Psicopatologia e migrazioni. Milano: Raffaelo Cortina Editore; 2002.
  • Moro MR. Psychiatrie transculturelle de la dépression. Paris: Pfizer; 1998.
  • Moro MR. Douleur, cultures et migration. Paris: Théraplix; 1998.

270 chapters or papers in edited books in different languages, including more than 20 chapters in English books

  • Novaes C, Taieb O, Moro MR. Ayahuasca in Contemporary France: Transcultural and Legal Challenges In Beatriz Caiuby Labate and Clancy Cavnar (Eds) The Transnational Expansion of Ayahuasca in the Twenty-First Century. 2016.
  • El Husseini M, Skandrani S, Tarazi L, Dozio E, Moro MR. Countertransference in trauma clinic. A transitional Breach int the Therapists’ Identity. In G El-Baalbaki et C Fortin (Eds) A Multidimensional Approach to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - from Theory to Practice. 2016 " DOI: 10.5772/64842.
  • Moro MR, Sibeoni J, Radjack R. Why should cultural factors be taken into account in child and adolescent development and mental health care? In: J P Raynaud, M Hodes, S Shur-Fen Gau (Eds) From research to practice in child and adolescent mental health. Washington DC (USA), Rowman and Littlefield 2014: 199-241.
  • Taieb O, Baubet T, Rezzoug D, Sibeoni J, Moro MR. Immigrant families: cultural and psychological issues. In Merrick J, Aspler S, Morad M (Eds) Mental Health from an International Perspective. Nova; 2013: 125-136.
  • Sturm G, Moro MR, Baubet T. Mental Health Care for unaccompanied minors in France: Towards a comprehensive approach to the needs of a vulnerable minority in: Ingleby D, Chiarenza A, Devillé W, Kotsioni I (Eds). Inequalities in Health Care for Migrants and Ethnic Minorities. COST Series on Health and Diversity, Volume II. Antwerp/Apeldoorn: Garant; 2012: 207-20.
  • Rezzoug D, Baubet T, Moro MR. Stories of children and adolescents from other cultures: the trauma of migration. In: Ardino,(Ed). Post-traumatic syndromes in childhood and adolescence. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, 2011: 77 -90.
  • Taïeb O, Baubet T, Rezzoug D, Moro MR. Parenthood: the impact of migration. In Tyano S, Keren M, Herman H and Cox J (Eds). Parenthood and Mental Health: A Bridge between Infant and Adult Psychiatry. London (GB) John Wiley and Sons, 2010: 325-36.

Founded (in 2000) and continue to edit a French transcultural journal: L’autre. Clinique, Cultures et Sociétés {The Other. Clinics, Cultures and Societies} 52 issues have thus far been published.   

More than 400 lectures, conferences and invited talks in French, English, and Spanish in France, Europe, Africa, Canada, and the USA. Some of the most recent examples and significant conferences during the past 5 years:

  • Canada (Montreal, Quebec) 2016, 2015 (in English and French)
    • Conference, Mc Gill University, International Infant Psychiatric Day, Montreal, 11 November 2016: 1) « Refugee Infants and Families: Transcultural Perspectives” 2) « Clinical Interventions: Lessons from the field”
    • Conference organized by the SHERPA, McGill University, “Les soins concertés en santé mentale jeunesse et immigration”, Montreal, 26- 27 November 2015. Inaugural conference: “Grandir en situation transculturelle”
  • USA (New York) 2016 (in English)
    • 63rd Annual Meeting AACAP'S American Association of Child and adolescent Psychiatry, 24-29 Oct. 2016. Conférence: "Violent Islamic Radicalization and support for it among the young Today: a transcultural qualitative Study in France"
  • Argentine (Buenos Aires) 2016, 2015 (in Spanish)
    • 2015 Infancia, transculturalidad y rol del estado, Dr A Oiberman, Buenos Aires University, 21 November 2016, 1) Rol del estado en el accompañamiento y la construccíon de la subjectividad de la niñez en el siglo XXI; 2) Desde la mirada del niño. Experencias de otras partes del mundo » 
    • SAPIA, WHAIMH Argentine, World Association of Babies Psychiatry, Buenos Aires University, Allianza Francesa, N Woscoboinik, 22 November 2016, Conference: « Clinica con niños y diversitad »
    • Association Argentine de Psychanalyse “La psicoanálisis transcultural una psicoanálisis para todos. Atreverse a imaginar nuevas maneras de pensar et de hacer
    • 2015, 1er International Congress of the Early Intervention, SAPI/WAIMH, Buenos Aires, 17-19 September 2015 ;  1) Pourquoi une prévention précoce pour tous, 2) Filiation narrative : le 4ème axe de la filiation, 3) Vers une politique inclusive précoce 
  • Colombia (Armenia), 2015 (in spanish)
LIV Congreso colombiano de psiquiatría, Armenia, 5-8 November, 2015, 1) La psychiatrie humanitaire. Pourquoi?”. 2) La psychiatrie transculturelle aujourd’hui dans le monde
  • Italy (Milano, Bologna), 2016, 2015
  1. Conférences organized by Crinali (Prof Luisa Cattaneo), Milano, 15 et 16 September 2016, 1) Accueillir et soigner les réfugiés en Europe, 2) Techniques transculturelles pour soigner le trauma »
  2. Conférences organized by Scuola di Specializzazione in Psicoterapia Sagara, Pr Michaela Memé, Pisa, 8 April 2016. Conference  « Les principes de la clinique transculturelle contemporaine »
  3. Conférencière invitée par la Scuola ethno-sistemico narrativa, Prof Natale Losi, Rome, 27 février 2016. Conference : « La diversità culturale, un’opportinità per tutti ! »
  4. Milano 30 October 2015. “Il contributo dell’approccio transculturale alle problematiche dell’adozione internationale”, Crinali (Prof Luisa Cattaneo).
  5. Bologna, 11 September 2015. “Essere genitori di adolescente di oggi”. Regione Emilia Romagna (Prof M. Martelli)
  • Belgium (Brussels) 15 January 2015. ”Transmission des valeurs et de la culture, dans les diasporas et les minorités”. Invited by the Armenian Cultural Center (M Gayda).
  • Switzerland (Geneva, Biel): - 6 May 2015. “Risques et tentations à l’adolescence: la recherche d’affiliations à tout prix ! Analyse transculturelle”. Geneva University, Prof B Goguikian, 20-21 November 2014. “Les enfants de l’immigration. Une chance pour l’école” and “Outils pour permettre aux enfants de migrants de réussir à l’école”.
  • Mexico: 1er Forum Franco-Mexicain sur l’obésité : Intercambio de mejores practicas contra la obesida, 10-11 April 2014 (in Spanish). “Prendre en charge l’obésité à l’adolescence. Aspects transculturels » (10 April). “ Que hacer con la obesidad” (11 April). Mexico City.
  • Brazil (Sao Paulo) Invited to the International Congress, Inégalités, déplacements et politiques publiques pour les immigrés et les réfugiés. 8-9 November 2013, “Um projeto de atendimiento a immigrantes e refugiados: Consultas interculturais e otros dispositivos clinicos”. Prof Miriam Debieux Rosa from Sao Paulo University. 
  • USA (Boston), Harvard Medical School
    • Massachusetts General Hospital/McLean, Child Psychiatry Training Program, Child and Adolescent Development and Developmental Psychopathology, 29 April 2010. "New Challenges in Adolescent Psychopathology", Prof M Sauzier, Boston.
    • 4th Annual Belfer International Child Mental Health Lecture, Harvard Medical School, Children's Hospital, Boston, 28 April 2010, "Transcultural Psychiatry: Clinical and Research Challenges with Immigrant Families and their Children". Prof Myron Belfer and Prof David De Maso, Child Psychiatry Training Program.
  • USA (New York): 57th Annual meeting of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, New York, 26-31 October 2010. “Psychomotor Development of Children less than 2 Years Old in a Sudanese Orphanage”.
  • USA (Washington): National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine, “Children and armed conflict: risk, resilience and mental health”, Washington, 7-9 December 2009. Conference: «Building resilience and preventing mental illness in children and adolescents affected conflict ».

Marie Rose Moro

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