Considering cultural practices within a psychoeducational community support service for mother-infant health care: Field report -

10/27/2017 | World in WAIMH | El Husseini, M., Dirani, L.A., El Husseini, R. and Moro, M.R. Introductory Remarks When infant mental health workers attempt to repair the disruptions of family eco-systems caused by natural or human-made disasters in cultures different from their own, they often bring...

IACAPAP's Bulletin in honor of Colette Chiland

This special issue of the IACAPAP Bulletin honors Colette Chiland. In the interview undertaken by Marie-Rose Moro and in the recollections of just a very few of her many colleagues and students we can only begin to grasp her enormous contribution to the field of child and adolescent psychiatry,...

Transgenerational transmission : concept and practice

I would like to start from what we have inherited from Serge Lebovici, whom we got to know in 1989 in the Faculty of Medicine in Bobigny, in the northern suburbs of Paris, and in Avicenne hospital where I have the good fortune of being in charge of managing the department he created. Accéder à...

Powerpoint & Diaporamas

IACAPAP Key note lecture - Marie Rose Moro (Istambul, 3st May 2008)    Transcultural Clinical Work and Research at Avicenne Hospital, France - Felicia Heidenreich M.D., M.A.   Different approaches to caring for multicultural populations  - David INGLEBY

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